Monday, February 13, 2012

Bawk bawk b-kaw!

So, this weekend I found him.

The contractor that will make the coop of my dreams. My mid-century poulet chalet! My Coop deVille! My Cluckingham Palace! My chick and mortar home!

I am so freaking excited.

Here are some of the inspirational photos I sent him:
Someone built this for their kids. Without any previous building experience (from Atomic Ranch)

Love this cover. I want to live in it...

If there were going to be smaller birds in my life, I would want this bird house!

Right colors, right amount of kitsch, perfect slopes!

This may be hanging on the front door! By one of my favorite Etsy artists, Jenn Ski
So the chooks are getting closer and closer. I've got a list of the things I will need before living, breathing animals are in the coop like feeders, waterers, feed, treat balls and a good pair of muck boots.

One of the best parts of having chooks, is that they LOVE bugs. I am looking forward to a summer with far fewer earwigs than last summer where they were freakin' me out by the dozens. Also, they will decimate a lawn, which is perfect as we are eliminating our back lawn in favor of raised beds and decomposed granite paths. So no Roundup for us! We'll just have our pets do it!

The work should start on March 1st and I'll post plenty of photos of the construction as it progresses!