Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Tick Tock Motherfuckers.

Holy crap. Tomorrow is October.

The weather in Los Angeles, specifically in the San Fernando Valley, sucked in August and September. I procrastinated because I figured the heat had to abate eventually.

It didn't. Therefore I have about 30 days to get almost everything done. I'll be enlisting my niece, my reluctant husband, the UPS guy and anyone who happens to come over for a visit in finishing up my craziness.

Tomorrow, the Countdown to Hallowe'en begins, of which I have been a participant since 2010. How have I been doing this for 5 years (and how have I never accomplished a post every day???)? Perhaps this will be the year I succeed in posting once a day. We can only wait and see.

Visit early, visit often.

Hurry baaack.....hurry baaaack......

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Oh shit!

How is it even possible that Hallowe'en is just 36 days away? I am so screwed.

I basically have everything left to do. I've started everything and finished nothing. Damn it!!!

I have found it is especially hard to finish projects when it is 105 freaking degrees outside. This weekend it's going to be 99 degrees. Next weekend it may get down to 89. Yikes.

Thankfully, the plan is to take 6 days off prior to the big day, so I will just not sleep for the entire 8 days prior to Hallowe'en. That should be fun. I'll be nice and ghosty for the big night. Not to mention covered in foam, paint, lacquer and bruises.

Wish me luck!