Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Countdown to Hallowe'en - 23 days

This year I barely held on until October 1st to start decorating and I had a ton of fun. Here's some proof.

I had pumpkin oatmeal and pumpkin coffee for breakfast.  Yum.

I've so far taken down the first two of the bins from the garage and started emptying them out onto the craft room floor to see what surprises are inside.

This year, especially as I'm completely reworking my theme, I'm getting rid of a lot of props from years past. There are so many props that, maybe I put out, but I don't give much thought to. Also, I have some that are wearing a little thin.  This is also the last year I will use my cemetery columns.  I had a ton of fun building them, but they take up SO much room in my garage and I am on the verge of inheriting a very fun tool called a ShopSmith.

Those of you who are haunters and know about the Shopsmith are probably insanely jealous. I would be if I wasn't the one inheriting it!!! My in-laws are moving out of their home and my father-in-law has used his for more than 50 years and it is in excellent condition. The Mr. is certain I'm going to take off a finger, but as my father-in-law and my grandfather both lost fingers, I am determined to be the first in the line to die with all fingers firmly attached.

Anyway, the Shopsmith is coming and props will be built for 2014. I am especially eager for a new fence next year that can be stored against the wall of the garage and will surround the whole yard to keep out eager little hooligans.  I've only had one item broken in the past, but I've also gotten some more expensive props in the last couple of years and am a little more worried.

Back to Hallowe'en 2013 though, I'm going to work up a quick chain across the columns for this year to keep out the wandering hoardes.

More to come tomorrow.

I love Hallowe'en!!!! 


  1. Love it, too! We are decorate and I have had pumpkin coffee (and coffee cream), pumpkin pop-tarts, pumpkin donuts and Monster Cereal. :)

  2. No monster cereal but I'm looking forward to the pumpkin Eggo waffles. Last year I bought 4 boxes...

  3. Oh yes - much jealous!! I need a fence for the same reason. I haven't had anything broken, but the kids insist on either crossing the ditch or my neighbor's dark yard to shuffle thru my cemetery - if I can't see the web of extension cords that I know are there, in broad daylight, you sure can't after dark!
    Lisa @ Maple Grove Cemetery