Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Carrot Conundrum

In mid March, I planted carrots.  Last year when I planted carrots, some bold squirrel came along, dug them all up and ate the hell out of them. This year, the squirrels oddly left them alone so this week I decided it was time to check on my crop of carrots.  See if they were ready to be made into some yummy treat like a carrot cake, or just a dinner side.  I cleared the dirt off the top of one, just to see what it held and the future looked bright. It was a gorgeous round top of bright orange.  I immediately grabbed onto the base of the leaves and gave it a good yank as if I was pulling out a root from the earth, which I thought I was...

Here is what I got.

I laughed out loud!

My beds are a foot tall and the soil is super soft so it's not as if there wasn't room to grow. Not sure what happened here but it was hilarious!

I thought, maybe that one is a mutant. So I pulled out the rest. 

They're like a bunch of stubby toes!!!  I have no freaking idea what I'm going to do with these. Anyone know a recipe for carrots that are as fat as they are tall?  I have a feeling I'm just going to end up eating them raw with a side of ranch tonight...

Ah, the joys of farming!

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