Thursday, June 30, 2011

Goals, objectives and other list making

As far as I'm concerned, the biggest deficit of this blog is the distinct lack of photos.  I'm terrible at taking them, I'm terrible at uploading them, I'm terrible at posting them.  My goal for July, however, is to post at least one photo with every post regardless of how bad or blurry it is.

I may not succeed 100% but I am going to do my best.

Goals are a theme with me lately. I'm a list person - I have a to do list, a bucket list, a goals list for 2011 and under the 2011 list is a list of little things I will do in the next couple of days to move toward those goals.  It helps keep me on track. Sometimes I still get off track. Wev.

With all those lists, as I was explaining to the Mr. this week, my plate is pretty full until October.  You know, it's only 121 days until Hallowe'en, (you didn't?) which is pretty much the high holiday of my year. In July, I am off to Utah for 4 days, home for a week and a half and then off to Napa for another 4 days. I'll be pretty busy in the interim working on getting my labels made for my jams and all that jazz. Tonight is the Pickle Pop Up in Atwater Village and I have some very cute homemade labels for tonight, but if I plan to be in stores, homemade labels aren't going to cut it.

August, September and October are all about prop making and prepping for the Hallowe'en party of the century. Then, in November, the farm work truly begins.

Here's another list: Sprinklers go in first, the chicken coop gets built and the back 40 gets finished out with raised beds and trees all in time for a gorgeous Southern California winter!


  1. Ack! Only 121 days to make our LA Arboretum-themed costumes!