Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The simplificationing continues...

Inspired by my last post, I went on the hunt for more stuff to get rid of. Primarily, this is:
  • stuff that I thought I could use but ended up not using, 
  • stuff I was given that I never needed, 
  • stuff I used but didn't need anymore and 
  • stuff I haven't used in a while and probably won't anytime soon.

Included in this stuff is:
  • Ten tons (or so) of my grandparents, aunts and other distant relatives silverplate which I understand is worth nothing and I'm afraid that if I take it to a pawn shop they'll laugh at me. What do I do with silverplate?  Anyone?
  • An entire set of Sango Sheffield china and champagne glasses and wine glasses that my grandparents got for their 50th anniversary which was sometime in the very, very early 80's
  • About 10 cookbooks that I thought I'd use but ended up not using or used to use but don't anymore
  • Some hat blocks that I haven't used and likely won't
  • Craft supplies, including yarn, that despite my best intentions, have not been knitted into actual items of use

I'd actually like to get rid of more. Here's the problem.  I actually use a lot of my stuff!  I'd love to clean out more of my kitchen but I actually use all of the baking pans and platters and bowls because I entertain fairly frequently.

Everything worth anything is going up on ebay this week.  Other than the silverplate. Can anyone help me with this one????


  1. can't help you here, but wanted to throw in that I find your voice utterly delightful and am always glad to come across a post. good luck with the getting-rid-of!

  2. Yarn!!?!!! Your beloved WeHo SnB is having a yarn swap (or dump) on Thursday, September 15 at the usual spot, Original F. Mkt! BRING THE YARN!!