Monday, April 9, 2012

It's Spring

Spring sprung! And I've already fallen behind on my plans for this year! By now, I was supposed to have
  1. 1 chicken coop
  2. 5 chickens
  3. 6 raised garden beds teeming with peas and tomatoes and lettuce
What I actually have as of this weekend:
  1. 1,320 square feet of sanded and stained wood for raised beds (includes front and back for those of you counting).  
  2. 8 dying pea plants ready to go into said raised beds
  3. 4 wilting tomato plants waiting to go into raised beds
  4. 30 seed pots of basil, dill, and tomatoes that never sprouted or got eaten by birds/bugs/squirrels/feral cats/opossums (opossi?)
  5. 10 beautiful Italian cypress trees for privacy along the back wall
My coop was, I thought, being built but it turns out I hired a scam artist who flew the proverbial coop, and while I am unbelievably disappointed, I have found another person to do the building and I am supposed to be meeting with him tomorrow.

My schedule for this week is:
Tuesday: meet with new contractor, lay down the weed barrier and hopefully move the soil into the beds
Wednesday: it's supposed to rain :)
Thursday: Finish moving soil and move still living seedlings into the new beds
Friday: Move compost piles into their new home

Hopefully I'll have a new post next week to update y'all on how this went and some before and after photos!

Oh, P.S., the loquats are just beginning to get ripe so next week is going to be the beginning of canning season!

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