Tuesday, October 7, 2014

24 Days until Hallowe'en - Soapbox Edition


Can we all agree on the outset that not every woman wants to be "sexy _________" for Hallowe'en? Great.

Can we all agree that sexy costumes may be great for some women? Great.

Having said that, WTF is going on here?

Sexy lobster?

Sexy pizza? Really?

What on this green earth is sexy about an ear of corn?


Please, for the love of Maude, no.
By the way, when you hit up the same website for sexy men's costumes, this is what you get....
Really? I'm no expert, but is this supposed to be sexy?

More douchey than sexy, really.

Um. OK.

Now for the piece de resistance - I know we're not exactly going for practical here, but if you were on a SWAT team, which outfit would you be more likely to survive in? I know that garter is really going to protect her in a firefight - also, the armband. Very practical.

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  1. This post is made of awesome and not just cuz it's filled with pretty girls. LMAO