Wednesday, August 7, 2013

12 weeks 'til Hallowe'en :)

Yes, I am back again for a number of reasons:

  1. I just got back a ton of time at work because I finally hired someone and she started and she's great and I'm not doing 2 jobs anymore!!!  Yay!!!
  2. So much has happened.
  3. I feel like writing again.
  4. Hallowe'en is 12 weeks away and I'm planning on participating in CryptKeeper 2013 and if I don't get started writing now, I'll never build up to writing again on October 1.  

So here I am!!!

Catching up:
  • Last September my in-laws moved into our house for 3 months. It was a difficult time. Let's leave it there. They moved out on New Year's Eve. 
  • 2013 started very well and all has been going along swimmingly. About the first thing we did was get a dog. Her name is Mitzi Francesca Landsman, but I tend to call her Schmookieface. Michael calls her Mitzidoodle, the Wonder Poodle. She's AWESOME! I don't know how we found such a special dog, but I think she might be the best dog I've ever met.  Ever.
  • I grew a billion cucumbers, tons of lettuce, a million tomatoes and 4 watermelons. I killed a ton of garlic and I have killed the dill again. I planted artichoke and while it produced chokes, I thought I'd give the plants some time to toughen up so I cut them off so the plants could grow. We'll see if that works. Also, I bought a fejoia tree and it is producing!!!
  • I canned 200 pounds of loquats into every form I could think of.  Next year I'm going to ask for help. Also, I'm probably going to make some kind of liquor next year, because it seems everyone wanted loquat liquor. 
  • I got two new chickens!!! Michael named one Marsala and my sister, Shannon, named one Super,
    after the cartoon.  I kept trying to tell her that SuperChicken was a rooster, but she didn't care.
  • We went to Alaska for the last week in July and had a fabulous time. I went snorkeling. In Alaska. No, Michael didn't join me snorkeling because he's bok, bok, chicken!!! He stayed on the ship and napped. Wev.
I'm attending the Scare L.A. Hallowe'en Convention this weekend, August 10 and 11. I'll be spending a ton of time working the Southern California Valley Haunters booth, which I recently joined and LOVE. I can't believe I get to dress up for Hallowe'en in August.  I plan to take a billion photos.

BY THE WAY....Did you know that cameras can become obsolete because the batteries are no longer made and buying the special batteries online costs about 1/2 as much as a new camera?  Well, it's true.  And it sucks. So I need a new camera. Before Sunday...Grrrr.

So there it is folks.  My update for the past 10 months. Whew.  


  1. About the camera thing, that happened to me too! I had a Kodak camera, and lost the battery charger. After they went out of business, no one carried the charger anymore. So hello new camera!

  2. Funny, I lose the cameras and not the chargers. My pet peeve is when the media becomes obsolete (cough, Disc Camera, cough).

  3. Good to see you back, by the way!

  4. Welcome back!

    My camera takes AA batteries, so I guess I'm safe. My problem is remembering where I put it when I finally decide that I need something more than the camera in my phone.