Monday, August 12, 2013

August San Fernando Valley Food Swap

Due to the large quantities of loquats harvested and canned this season, I was super excited to be doing the San Fernando Valley Food Swap this weekend.  This is the first time it's was not at my house and while it is pretty darn easy, I was glad to not be hosting it this time around.

Diane hosted in her lovely Sherman Oaks home and among her chickens and her fruit trees she set up beautiful tables where 20 people came and displayed their wares!

There were fresh grapefruit, massive patty pan squash, figs, cucumbers, relish, eggs, jams of every stripe, peppers, BACON MARMALADE, gluten free pasta, granola, fresh herbs, dried herbs, LOQUAT BRANDY, honey caramels, creme fraiche, lavender sugar, candied watermelon rind and so much more!  Someone even brought wine. From their vineyard. Yes.
 It was a beautiful day and everyone who came was fabulous, friendly and left with an armful.
I came home with grapefruit, mint jelly, port wine jelly, figs, bay leaves, fennel seeds, brandy, and a ton of other yummies.  I somehow missed out on trading for the bacon marmalade, which Michael would have loved, but I might try to make that in the future.

I had never before tried watermelon rind.  I was anxious to try it as I had always heard good things.  I am super happy to report that from now on, watermelon rind in my house will not be fed to the chickens nearly as often (they really like it too!) as I will be finding that recipe and making some of my own!

I am such a huge fan of figs, I cannot wait to dig into them.  I really need to plant a fig tree soon.

So the swap was only the first four hours of my weekend and it was a super busy one!  More tomorrow.

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