Monday, October 3, 2011


How is it already October 3rd? My peeps on HauntForum are having a big giggle by counting down the days until it is go time for all the props to be dry and set up.  For some people, that was this weekend!!! It's kinda stressful though...I only have 25 days to set up!  Crap!

I am slowly gathering the things I need, but they are a sooper seekret surprise until the theme is set up.  I wish I could share all the toys I've been collecting.  I can share one, however, because it's store bought. I'm dressing it up a little, but this year's skeleton from Target is quite a step up.  Fully posable and glow in the dark, it is actually close to full size and somewhat anatomically correct to boot. He's only $40 bucks which, for a blow molded skeleton (also called a blucky) is totally worth it for that kind of quality. Oddly, Target has a super-crappy photo of it.

Odd that they would have such a stupid photo.  It's almost like they don't want to sell them....

Anyway, I bought a couple of these.  They are going to have a pretty prominent place in the haunt. 

In other news.  I had to buy a few Hallowe'en treats for the house after seeing them on x-entertainment's annual review of Hallowe'en goodies.  I got the Eggo Pumpkin Waffles, the Autumn MnMs and the Hallowe'en oreos which are frankly, my favorite as I have the best memory of them.

The year the Hallowe'en Oreos came out, I went to a party where someone brought them.

It wasn't a costume party, I don't even think it was a Hallowe'en party, but one friend was wearing overalls.  He might have been a little stoned.  He put one in his mouth and promptly upon tasting the orange and black treat, he started stuffing them into each pocket of his overalls.  Including the front pocket.  This action was not for my amusement as I don't think he even knew I was in the room, he just really, REALLY wanted some more of those damn Oreos.  I might also have been under the influence.  I started giggling maniacally.  He noticed me and turned red as a beet. We pretty much laughed all night.

Go get some Hallowe'en Oreos.  Yummy ghostie goodness!!!

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