Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Shed of Dread

So, my regular readers know of the ever-growing farm on my .14 acres of land. I have plotted out the changes and it is only after the High Holiday (not Rosh Hashanah/Yom Kippur, you know...Hallowe'en) will the farm start going in, in earnest.  Part of the plan for the farm includes the "Shed of Dread."

I have some Hallowe'en props.  I currently have about 12 headstones, two coffins, a cauldron, lighting, fog machine, I'm building 7 columns, 3 full size skeletons, one waist and below body, tons of random body parts, I have urns and interior decor, etc.  It takes up quite a bit of garage space.

Recently I read someone's tag on HauntForum that reads: "There's never enough time, storage space or duct tape."  Never have I read truer words, but indeed, the shed of dread will make the storage space issue less of a problem.  I hope.
Not the actual "shed of dread".

Why are sheds so damn expensive??? And spooky? And filled with spiders?


  1. What a perfect name!!!

    I hear ya on the spiders! And earwigs (damn nasty things)

    Funny that the hubby just mentioned that I needed a shed for my H'ween stuff! If I had my own shed, everything could be together!! Right now, the outdoor stuff is scattered in several different places and the totes take up garage space, too.

  2. Hello! I found you on the Halloween Countdown. Really like your blog. I agree about the shed! I have one that is 80% Halloween storage. I need another. I am planning on just building onto the one I have.

  3. Hey WicKED - welcome! Love your blog too!

  4. Hmmm. Thought I commented on Lisa's comment...Anyway, I hate earwigs so much! Can't wait until I get my chickens. Earwigs are a super tasty treat for them and full of protein too!