Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Build is On

Earlier in the week I filled the sprinkler trenches.  You see, I was going to put in sprinklers in my backyard. 

I am very ambitious.  

I dug the trenches.  I have no freaking idea how to install sprinklers though, so the trenches sat.  In fact they sat so long that they were on the Google Earth shot of our home.  Awesome!  Anyway, the trenches were refilled with some dirt from a project across the alley from our house.  I just asked the nice men to dump a scoop of dirt over the wall.  It was mostly topsoil as well, so good for me and my future plants!

This weekend, the building begins in earnest.  Swear to Maude, if it rains Hallowe'en weekend, I'm going to be one very, very unhappy camper. 

But it's not going to rain this weekend and that's good because much building and papier mache-ing will be taking place and papier mache does not do well in the rain...  I'm making one very large trip to Home Depot on Saturday morning.  Wish my poor PT cruiser luck.  She's gonna need it.

So what's on the agenda?  I have 7 columns, one lava pit, 4 hands and some headstones to build.  I'm going to be buying the most random stuff. Buckets, lumber, foam, Great Stuff...My fellow haunters are all pretty familiar with this stuff, but I'm not sure how the folks at Home Depot will react.  After all, someone did call me "little lady" when I rented that sod cutter awhile back.  Whatever.  They must be familiar with prop builders. It is the Burbank Home Depot after all.

So, what are your plans for the weekend?

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  1. Sounds like you have a busy weeKEnD ahead. I hoipe this comment posts, I have had some issues getting them to stick. I have 3 haunted houses to go/review for the blog, going to corpse at least 2 of the 5 zombies we have started and today I will be building 2 toe pincher coffins. I love this time of year!